Item collection d750a11b 9324 4398 8c46 61ed5d2f8ce0

SALE Amethyst Pendant


Item collection 39cd0fb1 f93c 44d9 a961 12b3c645b596

custom 14K gold Horse ring


Item collection f3a30035 64bc 485f 8f5d 7bc1df8faf04

Diamond Pinky ring, (on reserve till 9/9/16)


Item collection c859abf3 51dd 43f8 80e7 878ab6a2348f

Trifari vintage earrings


Item collection cb8a3328 c2f9 47ac 8d90 b0acf5a2bf59

sale; classic real diamond earrings


Item collection 945e2ac0 4454 4a7d b967 651592c37fd1

SALE Hummingbird pin


Item collection e7139f76 5cec 4fe9 bd8d 0acb4ae6fd7d

SALE Gold & Diamond r


Item collection 85f1108b b3a8 4257 af19 01baaa6fcbdd

Mother of Pearl pendant


Item collection c847779a 9c35 4bd8 a965 07ac257e2388

custom round diamond stud earrings


Item collection 7130351 original

sale, ruby and diamond ring


Item collection 7181509 original

sale, pearl, diamond, gold watch


Item collection 7356389 original

Napier Pearl necklace


Item collection 7130348 original

on sale, vintage diamond ring


Item collection 6660346 original

handmade suede and silver earrings


Item collection 6660333 original

SALE sterling abalone brooch & earrings


Item collection 6660328 original

on sale cloisonné necklace with sterling silver clasp


Item collection 6660356 original

vintage bead necklace and antique clasp


Item collection 6660521 original

handmade jewelry necklace with various size beads


Item collection 6660628 original

original amethyst and brilliant cut cubic zirconia


Item collection 6660787 original

Glass sculpture by Rune Strand signed


Item collection 6660750 original

vintage antique bead necklace from the 1930's


Item collection 6660745 original

vintage mod clip on earrings from the 80s


Item collection 6661414 original

vintage old ivory one piece necklace circa 1930


Item collection 6661477 original

on sale, pink Jade necklace with sterling silver clasp


Item collection 3199745d f1f7 4639 8b78 3817619cefc0

SALE! Omega Ladies 14K Swiss watch


Item collection 6660432 original

signed sterling silver cuff links


Item collection 6660933 original

vintage pearl necklace with antique clasp


Item collection 6661244 original

vintage white shell necklace from the sea


Item collection 6661181 original

handmade bead necklace with sterling silver


Item collection 6661394 original

vintage cowry shell handmade bracelet


Item collection 6661456 original

vintage handmade hippie necklace, belt, or bracelet



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