Item collection 6660510 original

Original Japanese Sumie painting


Item collection 6660432 original

signed sterling silver cuff links


Item collection 6660417 original

vintage Russian fairy tale book


Item collection 6660371 original

vintage celestial fine quartz geode


Item collection 6660342 original

vintage lacquerware, Fuzhou, China


Item collection 6660422 original

handmade bean bag frog


Item collection 6660338 original

original "Gyu-Taku" koi on black cotton bag.


Item collection 6660805 original

2 vintage music sheets 1919 & 1920


Item collection 6661357 original

three mice away on a holiday


Item collection 6660933 original

vintage pearl necklace with antique clasp


Item collection 6661244 original

vintage white shell necklace from the sea


Item collection 6661181 original

handmade bead necklace with sterling silver


Item collection 6661394 original

vintage cowry shell handmade bracelet


Item collection 6661456 original

vintage handmade hippie necklace, belt, or bracelet



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