Item collection 6660481 original

Vintage Ingmar Bergman spoof, The Dove, DVD


Item collection 3ee3077b 2f22 423c b1e1 cdc3656bd1ab

Worm Tea, Miracle tea for your garden


Item collection d1abcf5e 8ebc 47d9 aa79 ff758309ea15

Shakespeare, First Folio edition


Item collection 1c13150e c726 42a9 867d f9fde6d6a20c

The Maltese Falcon, DVD


Item collection 212df24a 4732 4d69 88ff 8c78ebf64dfb

"King of Hearts", a movie classic on dvd


Item collection 053eb8d7 bf73 47a0 b30e a8b09f39047f

Movie classic'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, MAD World'


Item collection ca3f113f 8329 4c48 9aec 3c110cf49173

Classic film "King of Hearts'


Item collection 91a73a37 1461 49f7 9544 8d01ed7e5171

Saul Bass film' Why Man Creates'


Item collection b4e307bb be61 477c aeb1 fd1cfac50214

Journey of a Thousand Meditataions


Item collection 6661336 original

vintage dimensional love letter photo frame


Item collection f92db9e6 b41d 4392 9280 dd35a4ac5134

'Introduction to Acupuncture', new DVD


Item collection d750a11b 9324 4398 8c46 61ed5d2f8ce0

SALE Amethyst Pendant


Item collection 39cd0fb1 f93c 44d9 a961 12b3c645b596

custom 14K gold Horse ring


Item collection 7c046622 67b8 4f8e 832a 03231bec99c1

Collectible rare 'Glory' toy


Item collection 48856e3b 8232 4f29 bf74 53953436fc19

Koi knee high socks


Item collection 30fe983c 4e64 4f32 b5da 13dda6f525ad

Le Chat French Pajamas


Item collection b5c4b045 77e0 40fa afd1 4aa2fb1ee795

Vintage ChiffonBaby Doll Nighty


Item collection 4673dc49 a4c0 4825 bf3d 81b1f44c70a9

Fig Bread and Jam


Item collection 65a209f0 97bf 4af8 be02 a31e29f4aec1

hand knitted puppet for Paper Roll or Cannister


Item collection 6660638 original

hand appliqué bag for a special gift


Item collection 6660755 original

vintage Vera bold striped scarf


Item collection f3a30035 64bc 485f 8f5d 7bc1df8faf04

Diamond Pinky ring, (on reserve till 9/9/16)


Item collection 68a1dcb0 777b 424d 88d2 7c0810dec6ca

Handmade English Tile


Item collection c859abf3 51dd 43f8 80e7 878ab6a2348f

Trifari vintage earrings


Item collection 43290c21 f791 414f a98b 5f8e49839749

the Pooh Get-Well Book


Item collection d1fdb1f4 fb5f 4ae4 aab9 2a98fee7a2b0

Hand blown Jonathan Winfisky perfume bottle


Item collection cb8a3328 c2f9 47ac 8d90 b0acf5a2bf59

sale; classic real diamond earrings


Item collection 945e2ac0 4454 4a7d b967 651592c37fd1

SALE Hummingbird pin


Item collection 8ace90bb b618 4a0c a676 845c196d5cf6

Handmade Owl Box


Item collection 3813fdc9 eb4d 45a9 96b1 09a80a44bbd3

Teddy Bear


Item collection 3db5d878 4610 46f1 98e7 ba4c3643fbd2

3 handmade bunnies


Item collection e7139f76 5cec 4fe9 bd8d 0acb4ae6fd7d

SALE Gold & Diamond r


Item collection da715ead 3ac0 44b5 970d 922fd65edf06

the Best read Bear


Item collection 084732a5 c6aa 40d7 bb0c 276a29b13d25

vintage handmade Portuguese box


Item collection 64e0ad37 3a02 4f6b b159 51d77246f19e

Sale, Eel Handbag


Item collection 85f1108b b3a8 4257 af19 01baaa6fcbdd

Mother of Pearl pendant


Item collection 319022f1 cf30 4e48 b291 f5c07f84b93c

collectible book'Summer of Love"


Item collection c847779a 9c35 4bd8 a965 07ac257e2388

custom round diamond stud earrings


Item collection 192c3547 7ac5 4d4d 83c7 e88fdd21511c

organic Persimmon Bread & Jam


Item collection 2e1227ee a1ab 4ea4 a3af 1408cbe09761

on sale Handmade carved candle


Item collection 5d5f2c1b 00e7 4666 8b61 960089952ff1

on Sale handmade dancer


Item collection 8dcf8213 3861 4c49 a7f6 e0fd03632e30

a quartet of musical angels


Item collection 32091430 1ff9 40ac 85de 1a562566263f

Japanese motif cup/mug


Item collection e1200ef5 e9a0 4c7c 8533 f70dafa86636

on SALE Dragon pot pourri


Item collection cae81994 b232 4426 904c 80ce3c889c3f

very special gift bag


Item collection fcb0c2c4 5e32 428b 8660 bde6da3deea5

5 jams special


Item collection 4d3a92a3 ea78 40e5 b3af 5fffd6e24efe

'An American Architect'


Item collection 209e0b2d 69d8 4b72 811c 3f1919038a4f

sale Louisiana Salt & Pepper shakers


Item collection 6696032 original

on SALE Rosenthal, Raymond Loewy set


Item collection 6660397 original

Sale. vintage Rosenthal china demitasse set


Item collection 3f386f30 6d58 4852 96f9 88abeab10943

Ukiyo, Japanese fine art coasters


Item collection 99ae03d6 4aa2 4e8c b942 1fc0786d97e2

50's Japanese Tea cups


Item collection 7467297 original

Sergey Cherkasov, artist


Item collection 7467052 original

Matisse print


Item collection 7130351 original

sale, ruby and diamond ring


Item collection 7181509 original

sale, pearl, diamond, gold watch


Item collection 7356389 original

Napier Pearl necklace


Item collection 7342370 original

5 homemade jams & marmalades


Item collection 6661409 original

original Citron Marmalade


Item collection 6661433 original

peach jam direct from the orchard



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