Saul Bass film' Why Man Creates'

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Product Description

One of the most beautifully designed films ever made. An Academy Award winner. It examines the creative process with art and tongue in cheek humor. Stunning visually, with opening graphics designed by Art Goodman, a talent illustrator in the 1960's. Winner of numerous awards, approximately 25, in color. Designed, Directed and Written by Saul Bass. Each of the 8 sections, one might say acts, is a separate entity. At the close, one rediscovers the theme, which is imbued with a thousand new gleanings that what counts is the unique quality of each individual. The splendid techniques used, the economy and poetry of the script and the superior design of the film make it an outstanding work that will endure. Color, Sound, 24:47 minutes long, new DVDdisc.


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