'Introduction to Acupuncture', new DVD

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Product Description

The first Acupuncture film made in the US in 1972, when Nixon just opened up China to the west. Never before seen footage of a hernia operation in France and and thyroidectomy in China, using a only a needle as anesthesia, so the patient is wide awake during surgery, an free of pain or discomfort. Amazing. Nixon opened China up in 1972 and Dr Paul Dudley White, Nixon's physician who traveled with him, speaks in this film. Dr. White talks about the great gain for medicine using this new modality. Also features Dr. Wm. McGarey, Dr. Harry Oxenhandler and the famous Chinese acupuncturist, Dr. Miriam Lee. 22 minutes long, in color, made in the U.S.A.
The film won a Cine Gold Eagle, when it premiered in N.Y.C.

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'Introduction to Acupuncture', new DVD 'Introduction to Acupuncture', new DVD 'Introduction to Acupuncture', new DVD 'Introduction to Acupuncture', new DVD 'Introduction to Acupuncture', new DVD


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