Handmade Owl Box

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Product Description

Original hand sculpted Owl Box. The top is black slate with a beautifully hand carved incised owl. The bottom of the box is brown marbleized soapstone that has been sculpted out so you can use it as a box for a precious keepsake. the 2 parts together measure, 35mm deep x 85mm long x 53mm wide. the top slate cover measures 14mm thick x 85mm long x 53 mm wide. the curved depression inside the box is approximately 68mm long x 37mm wide x 14mm deep. in perfect condition, no scratches or marks of any kind. about 20 years old. an original, a far as i know, one of a kind.

Handmade Owl Box Handmade Owl Box Handmade Owl Box Handmade Owl Box


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